Spiritual guidance & Life Counseling with Ratziel Bander Rev. DD

Ratziel Bander’s work is a modern vision of an ancient service.  Much like the spiritual preceptors of the distant past, providing spiritual healing, insight, guidance, advice, training and psychic protection. 

Ratziel’s vision promotes fulfillment in every aspect of life for his diverse clients and students.

A range of services are available. The different options are presented here.

One-Month retainer

This provides a continual link to Ratziel for a period of 30 days.
Including 2 half hour phone sessions per with ongoing healings and clearings as necessary.

Six-Month retainer

This provides a continual link to Ratziel for a period of 180 days.
Includes the one-month option, then 2 half hour sessions per month with ongoing healings and clearings as necessary.

Single Session Option

This provides one reading with energy transmission, approximately one-hour duration
by phone or in person

Healing, or clearing series Option

This provides 3 remote healing or clearing sessions.

Longer term packages also available. For more information, contact Ratziel via email at hello@hsintao.com. Fees apply to application.

(All sessions can be held over the phone or in person depending on your location. Healing and entity clearings are always done remotely.)

Clairvoyant, Healer, and Master of an ancient and secret regenerative technique called Hsin Tao, Ratziel is a sought after spiritual guide and mentor.

Working with Ratziel provides a transmission of deep spiritual energy and continual unseen support, helping to ease the burden of everyday life and gain new, clearer perspectives.

Deep-channeled energy transmission aids the process of inner discovery, helping you uncover your real soul mission.

Often profoundly inspiring, private readings deliver a powerful message of healing and realignment, helping the individual experience the divine sacred presence within.

With the transformative healing energy that manifests by Grace through him, a profound process of change at all levels takes place. On a weekly basis you will be cleared of psychic attachments and influences that may be interfering with your inner and outer progress.

Ratziels work is Truly unique

I began to work with Ratziel Bander without any expectations, yet through his teachings, clearings, healings, counsel and Hsin Tao training I have found myself on a humbling journey with increasing gratitude, learning the value in serving others and how to approach my daily affairs with courage, humor and focus. I am experiencing a deepening spiritual life and a growing sense of calm. I am aware of changes in my manner and outlook during the day. The overtone of sadness has changed to an undercurrent of happiness.

Ratziel has also helped me restore my health. This has been truly remarkable. His skills as a practitioner and healer have not only renewed my physical health, but my emotional and spiritual health as well, and his teachings continue to help me develop the behaviors to support my well-being.

Ratziel’s work is truly unique, and I’m sure each person he works with, experiences his compassionate, caring efforts to open the pathway to inner peace and spiritual awakening.

S. Kohler – Medical Consultant

Ratziel’s intuitive guidance can help you by…

•  Showing you how to realign your awareness, identifying and transforming the hidden drives that motivate your actions.

•  Helping you discover who you truly are, not who you think you are.

• Creating strategies to modulate and shift your consciousness.

• Moving you closer to a realization of the core of your being which bring you closer to an experience of contentment, understanding and peace.


Ratziel’s spiritual healing ability can help you by...

•  Helping you maintain balance and a sense of peace

• Bringing the physical, mental and emotional bodies into alignment

• Connecting and helping you maintain your connection to a higher aspect of the universal consciousness.

• Clearing the residual matter (e.g. entities or old thought forms) that interfere with your individual progress. (Entities is a term that is often used to refer an external energy that has attached itself to the spirit or aura of a person. This can be from external sources, or aspects of the self that emerge and need to be cleared from the aura.)


Ive been affected in the deepest way.

My ongoing work with Ratziel has enabled me to step fully into my Spiritual path and my life purpose, making conscious the beautiful journey of my Soul. He is my Teacher in a much larger sense of the word, affecting me in the deepest way.  

A. Welch - Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


In 1 hour, I resolved longstanding personal issues that kept me from my full potential!

Ratziel Bander changed my life. I learned to know myself at the innermost, deepest level, to abandon childhood worry and adult stress, and to start on a new path toward confidence and love. My one-hour reading with Ratziel led me to resolve longstanding personal issues that had been keeping me from reaching my full potential. Further guidance and healings continue to reveal new insights into my strengths and weaknesses, which in turn enable me to replace old fears and doubts with trust and faith.

A. Macias - Associate professor UCR


Ratziel has been described by astrologers as a 'mantri' - a Vedic* a term referring to a person with the unique ability to guide people to a higher level of consciousness.

His insights and deep knowledge of the human condition enable him to create strategies, tailored to individuals, which help people rise above their current state of consciousness; and embrace a wider, more centered and fulfilled state of being. 

Only from a higher perspective can we truly make the change within us permanent, natural and easy” - Ratziel

From a higher perspective the world, your life, and all the people in it take on new significance.  The ancients understood that “Control comes from above”… and so it is with your own inner attitudes, fears and diseases, which may be restricting the free flow of your life force, inner wealth and joy

Understand yourself better, and peel back the layers of self-image, discovering who you really are. Align your choices more closely to your real inner needs, discovering a true wealth and authentic mission in the world.

These are times of intense change and unprecedented opportunity. Ratziel can help you catch the wave of inner transformation that is sweeping the planet. With guidance and consistency you can ease into a more fulfilled and richer journey, finding a new, meaningful context in which to live, with inner satisfaction, clarity and ease.


My Entire Life Shifted.

Two years ago I began working with Ratziel and my entire life shifted almost instantly. I replaced old habits with new, anger with calm, distraction with focus. I have found harmony with my true self, which brings automatic repeated success to my life.

R. Smith - Creative Director, Singer


Insight: unveil your soul purpose and core desires.

Understanding:  experience the right context for you to live NOW.

Guidance: harmonize your core needs with your daily work

Success: make the adjustment to a world of inner wealth and outer satisfaction.

“At the heart of all humans lies an immense wealth of knowledge, understanding, riches, strength and beauty, beyond what people can normally conceive or even imagine.” - Ratziel

“Every detail of your life now is the springboard to inner joy. All aspects of your being are strategically placed to help you rise above yourself and discover the extraordinary nature of your own being. With help we can discover how to utilize what we have now, to become what we seek ultimately to be.”- Ratziel

Change your world from the inside out


Note * The Vedas are the oldest existing spiritual writings on the planet.  They form the basis of all religious and spiritual thought from ancient Zoroastrianism to modern day Christianity and Islam.  Modern Hinduism is the direct evolution of the Vedic system of religious and spiritual practices.