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Meet Ratziel

Ratziel Bander

Private Life Coach

Ratziel Bander

Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, and Healer

Ratziel Bander is an accomplished Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, and Healer. He has helped thousands of people raise their consciousness to lead healthy, productive, fulfilling lives. To date, Ratziel has given workshops and private coaching sessions in sixteen countries.  

Ratziel Bander began learning Hatha Yoga, meditation, and clairvoyance at the age of fourteen in Sydney, Australia. By the age of twenty, he had accomplished the difficult and rare initiation into the ancient Four Element Qabalah and attained excellence in the arts of Tao and Tantra. With that knowledge he guided individuals on the inner path to mysticism.  He also trained actors, dancers, and singers in corrective exercise, movement, and breath, thus helping them discover the deep healing, divinely inspired nature of performance.

In 1994, Ratziel took a spiritual retreat for six years in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. During the last years of this retreat, he used Hsin Tao to recover from severe Post-Polio Syndrome, which had debilitated his body, leaving him incapable of even the simplest physical exertion. The story of his illness and the technique that facilitated his amazing recovery is described in detail in his book, The Miracle of Hsin Tao. Worldwide, Ratziel is the only authorized master of the Hsin Tao® Technique in the West, having received transmission from an exalted lineage. 

In 2000, Ratziel’s personal teacher, Ho Lo, graced him with induction into the original Chan School of Bodhi Dharma, in direct lineage from the Grand Master Wong Fe Hung.  Ratziel was graciously given permission to begin teaching Hsin Tao and develop a methodology for integration of the movements into the Western mind and body, and was encouraged to bring it to the United States and the world. Traditionally, Wong Fe Hung’s secret teachings were only accessible to a select few. Ratziel became Grand Master of Hsin Tao after the death of Ho Lo. Ratziel is committed to maintaining the purity and integrity of these venerable techniques, although he has not yet revealed them in their totality. 


This rich reservoir of mind-body healing experience has enabled Ratziel’s ability to transform lives with extraordinary insights and personal guidance.

Why Ratziel

The Work

Only from a higher perspective can we truly make
 the change within us permanent, natural and easy.



“I began to work with Ratziel Bander without any expectations, yet through his teachings, clearings, healings, counsel and Hsin Tao training I have found myself on a humbling journey with increasing gratitude, learning the value in serving others and how to approach my daily affairs with courage, humor and focus. I am experiencing a deepening spiritual life and a growing sense of calm. I am aware of changes in my manner and outlook during the day. The overtone of sadness has changed to an undercurrent of happiness.”

— S. Kohler, Medical Consultant


Life Coaching

Private coaching sessions with Ratziel dispel the blocks and hurdles that limit personal success, freedom, and joy, offering fresh observations into your life. Ratziel uses healing techniques and his unique perception to clear away unwanted energies and influences, combined with practical advice covering all areas of life. The resulting paradigm shifts speed individual inner change and empower clients to identify their own strengths and achieve their goals. This work is done remotely, using telephone and video calls for private communications and instruction, including optional Hsin Tao training. Select clients who see Ratziel in person enjoy the added benefit of physical Hsin Tao lessons, as well as his powerful presence and hands-on healing.

For those who feel ready to transform at the deepest level, these sessions are intensely personal yet profoundly universal.  You will experience:

  • Soul Counseling: change your world from the inside out. (Read testimonials about this) 

  • Insight: unveil your soul purpose and core desires.

  • Understanding: experience the right context for you to live NOW.

  • Guidance: harmonize your fundamental needs with your daily work.

  • Success: make the adjustment to a world of inner wealth and outer satisfaction.

  • A deep-channeled process of inner discovery helps you focus and fulfill your true soul mission.


These inspiring private sessions deliver a powerful message of healing and realignment, helping the individual experience the divine sacred presence within everyone.

Healing Energy

With the transformative healing energy that manifests by Grace through Ratziel, a profound process of change at all levels takes place. You will be cleared of psychic attachments and influences that may be interfering with your inner and outer progress.

Regenerative Exercises - Hsin Tao®

Grand Master of an ancient, regenerative movement technique named Hsin Tao, Ratziel has transformed thousands of people’s lives through his methodology and simple, easy movements. Realigning the body to peak health, calming and energizing, Hsin Tao is the perfect solution for a modern lifestyle that can be done anywhere, by anyone, of any age. It is a total solution for health, fitness and well being. Used by athletes as a comprehensive warm up and to improve their game; by executives as a tool to sharpen focus, concentration and enhance energy; by musicians and performing artists to improve stamina and achieve complete relaxation in action; His Tao is designed to be easily learned and practiced by everyone, no matter what your background or age, to improve total quality of life.

The Hsin Tao methodology goes to the core of the physical and emotional, causing fundamental positive change.


Ratziel continues to hold private classes for individuals or groups by appointment from his base in the USA.

For more information go to

Miracle of hsin tao-kindle.png

The Miracle
of Hsin Tao

Kindle Edition of the easy way to self-healing and long life for beginners.

Kindle Edition

Miracle of hsin tao.png

The Miracle
of Hsin Tao

Paperback edition of the easy way to self-healing and long life for beginners.

Paperback Book

How to become who you are.png

How to Become Who You Are

The do-it-yourself handbook of introspection,
meditation and

Paperback Book

Miracle of hsin tao-DVD.png

The Miracle
of Hsin Tao

Instructional video on the easy way to self-healing and long life for beginners.

Instructional Video


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Single Session Option

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Sessions can be held over the phone, through video chat, or in person depending on your location. 

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